Thursday, August 30, 2012

Benny, the Energizer Bunny

I have gotten hooked on Master Chef this summer.  Most Tuesday nights, I'm at work, so I watch the show the next day on Hulu.  My kids though, are always home on Tuesday nights and they've got hooked on Master Chef too.

This was my conversation with Joseph on Wednesday morning.

"Mom, Frank left Master Chef last night."


"He had to cook three soufflés last night, a chocolate one, a raspberry one, and and cheese one.  They just weren't as good as Josh's."

"You don't say."

"Yah, it's important that your food looks good, but it's more important that it taste good."

I'm not sure if its a good thing my son is taking life lessons from Gordon Ramsey.

"Mom they said you can order some of the Master Chef food, can we do that?"

"How about we make some?"


And now I have to learn how to make a soufflé


On an unrelated note.  Two nights ago Benny crawled into our bed in the wee hours of the morning saying he had a bad dream.  When I asked him at the time what he dreamed about, he said he didn't know yet.  Strange.

This  morning he told me he had a great dream, which reminded me of his nightmare.

"Wait, Benny what did you dream of the other night that scared you?"

"Oh, an alligator was trying to eat me."

Well, that's understandable.

"What did you dream of last night that was so good?"

"I dreamed I was cooking with you, we were making pancakes."


At Joseph's school, they have Running Club on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  So at 8:30, kids take to the field next to the playground and either run/walk until school starts at 9:00.  Each day they participate they get a small plastic sneaker charm.  I find this an awesome idea, especially with the problems our country seem to be having with childhood obesity.  Joseph has been going, he's usually there early with his dad anyway, but I dropped him off last Tuesday and Benny wanted to participate.

I wish you could see that tiny child, an entire head shorter than anyone else out there, tear around the field.  They mark their hand after each lap so they can keep track, and Joe spent most of the time getting distracted and then yelling, "Benny, wait up!"

Benny puts he head down and pumps his arms and is so serious about getting to the check point.  This morning that was all he could talk about, when were we going to Running Club and what color his sneaker was going to be.  Benny had nine laps.  He didn't seem tired at all, it was like watching the Energizer Bunny.  The laps are small ones, but I'm estimating about three-quarters of a mile.  Maybe if we keep this up, he'll start taking naps in the afternoon?

This was Benny's TV watching position yesterday.
I had to crop it because, as always, he was pantless.

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