Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lemons to Lemonade

On more than one occasion, the boys have been put into time out.  On a bad day, they go to their room upwards of five or six times.  When Joseph is sent, he whines, he flops on the floor like a noodle, he cries.  He tries to stall me with, "Wait, Mom, let me talk to you."  He informs the world that regardless of what he's done, me sending him to his room is so much worse.  Finally, after much avoidance and threats on my part, he goes.  This leads to him poking his head out at the top of the stairs every 30 seconds and asking if he can come down yet.

When Benjamin gets sent to his room for time out, he goes up immediately, finds an old duck washcloth in his bathroom, and treats us all to a puppet show from the top of the stairs.

Make lemons into lemonade Benny.  Lemons to lemonade.

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