Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trouble telling time

This morning I awoke to Benny's voice asking his brother, "What number o'clock is it?"  That's funny, I was just wondering the same thing.  A normal person would roll over and squint through the gray light at their bedside clock and figure that out.  Maybe a normal, childless person.  I have found a few things that are impossible to keep around the house.  Fruit, flashlights, and bedside clocks.  No matter how boring I try to make them, my children find them fascinating and can't keep their hands off.  They aren't content to let them sit and tell the time.  All clocks demand to be picked up and used as bombs, torpedoes, or projectiles for a sibling's head.

    What is this fascination?  I have a stuffed bear sitting on the same table and it never gets touched.  So I never know what time it is in the morning, and I'm too lazy to actually get up and find a clock mounted high enough on the wall to have survived the onslaught.

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