Friday, August 3, 2012

The Truffle Trail

 Today Ryan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the day he proposed to me.  We had our entourage with us to help commemorate the day.  This is the visual story of our adventures.
We started the day at Cafe Pierre Michel,
and made our way to Tiny Town.
Benny waited patiently for the train.
The caboose was the favorite car for the ride.

There were lots of houses to peer in,

pose in front of,

lean against,

or take a rest on the porch.

We had lunch at the Coney Island hotdog stand.  Where we waited,

and waited,

and waited,

and played in the water,

and waited,

and finally placed our order.

We found new friends,

and danced in 


After a quick nap in the car, we went hiking.
I nicknamed the hike, "Truffle Trail," for obvious reasons.

We found raspberries,
more mushrooms,

and more mushrooms.

We hiked and found, 
more mushrooms,

and bridges to cross.
But nothing can compare to the excitement of


upon mushrooms.

We started a contest to see who could spot,

the most mushrooms.

There was no shortage of 

objects for the game.

Joe even found a snake!

Which certainly produced more screams

than the finding of...

the mushrooms!

It was pretty much, the perfect day.

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