Sunday, July 8, 2012

Benny the Barber

Benny cut his sister's hair the other morning.  I am only mildly surprised.  Knowing Benny as I do, I assumed it was only a matter of time before he attempted to cut his own hair.  I was slightly surprised that he decided to be Olivia's  barber first.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, he's a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them.  Why not cut your little sister's hair--who was a willing participant--instead of your own?
I came downstairs from my shower and he greeted me with a pair of scissors and that naughty look I know so well.  Never a good combination.  The look clearly says I-know-I've-done-something-naughty-but-maybe-if-I-grin-at-you-winningly-you'll-forget-you-ever-saw-me.  The look didn't work, but surprisingly I wasn't as mad as I thought I'd be.
"Benny, why did you cut your sister's hair?"
"It was in her face.  She wanted it out of her face."
I trailed after him in a bit of a daze picking up clumps of hair as I went, like a bizarre Hansel and Gretel story in which Gretel ends up bald.
The damage wasn't really that bad, but I had been looking for an excuse for her first hair cut anyway.  We tripped off to the barber and emerged with a slightly shorter and even hair cut for Olivia.  Plus bangs, which I had no intention of having cut, but Benny's handiwork hadn't left us much of a choice.

Benny took a pair of scissors to a library book the next night.  The dust jacket was the target of his creative genius.  He informed me he accidentally cut it.  Into a million tiny pieces.  Accidentally, right.  Obviously the scissors were becoming a problem.  So now all of the scissors I own reside in the deli drawer in the fridge.  I wonder how many other odd things will live behind that padlock until Benny get over... being Benny I suppose.
What must go through his mind?  I tend to think he purposefully finds mischief with the goal of making me crazy in mind.  I hope not though.  I think he may be winning.

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