Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We found a new friend for the kids yesterday, Cecil.

Ryan and I actually got to go somewhere by ourselves.  There are definite perks to visiting Raine and Papa; usually they are very willing baby-sitters.  We ended up at the golf course.  Ryan to play the back nine, me to occasionally make the clubs connect with the ball, only to have it sail a few yards.  Somewhere on the 16th hole we met Cecil.  He was on the corner of the green, making a desperate bid for the woods.  I would have never noticed him if he hadn't hopped at just the right time.  Tiny and lumpy, only about as big as my thumbnail, he had a certain cuteness about him.  He bounced around in hollow of my clutched hand.

"I want to bring him home for the kids."
"What are you going to do with him?  It's going to be hard to swing a golf club like that."

I found a temporary home for him in a pocket of my golf bag where my water bottle was supposed to reside.  A dribble of water and he was ready to go.

"You're not going to forget about him in there, are you?"
"You have to help me remember."
"I'll remember if you name him."
"How about Cecil?"

This wasn't Cecil's best side, but you get the idea.
There was a dodgy moment when the bag dumped on its side, but he pulled through.  I got an odd look from the guy working the counter at the club house when I went to return my borrowed clubs and pulled out a small frog.  But he eventually made it home and the kids were delighted. They were surprisingly gentle.  He was played with throughly and Joe even read a book to him before he was released into his new home in Raine's garden.

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