Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Girl in a Boy's World

Raising a daughter after having two boys has been a new kind of adventure.  More difficult in some ways (already picky about her clothes!), wonderful in others (she sits still, for minutes at a time).  As she gets older, particular things point to the fact that her mentors are "all boy."

Olivia and her tutors.

  1. I used to be able to call her beautiful, now she scolds me, "I not beautiful, I handsome."
  2. Her dolls often have dinosaurs visit their house.
  3. Her favorite shirt features an Angry Bird.
  4. She can hold her own in a wrestling match.
  5. She thinks shirts are optional.
  6. Her babies are often treated to a gourmet lunch, and then slid backwards down the banister.
  7. She insists on her own lightsaber, and knows how to use it.
  8. She makes more mud pies than apple pies.

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