Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cherry Thief

I really wish I had was able to video this last night, but a description will have to do.

We can see the bottom of the stairs from the couch, and about 9:30 last night, long after he was supposed to be in bed, Benny came down.  He went straight for the cherries sitting on the counter and Ryan and I caught him and sent him back to bed.  He came down a few minutes later trying to be sneakier this time. He wrapped himself in his Buzz Lightyear blanket and started army crawling from the bottom of the stairs. Ryan and I were quietly watching him, trying not to laugh.  Over about a 10 minute time period he traveled about four yards.  He'd slither on his belly a few feet, then freeze.  Crawl a few feet more, then stop.  His patience was really pretty impressive.  He finally stood and slid behind the fridge.  He peeked out one last time, and made a grab for the cherries.  I made my move.


He looked like someone had stuck him with a pin, eyes wide, lips mashed together.  He scurried back upstairs and we didn't see him the rest of the night.
Benny's 'naughty look'.

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