Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Digging out the Umbrella

It rained today.  Now all you northwest friends will roll your eyes, but think of my Colorado born babies.  Coloradans are crazy when it rains.  Give us 15 feet of snow and windchill in the negative numbers, no problem.  If it rains for 2 or more hours, we're lost.  It's like we don't know how to function.  How do I get my groceries to the car?  Do my children own rain jackets, boots, an umbrella?

So we braved the wet to go to storytime today.  It's always a little more work when we segue from summer to having to actually locate long pants, socks, shoes and coats.  Then I had to dig my only umbrella out from under several layers of stuff.  Benny was enthralled.

"What is that?"

Oh, my gosh this is bad.

"It's an umbrella."

"Oh, I remember crumbella.  Where did you get it?"

Not good at all.

Getting them in and out of the car was entertaining.  They didn't seem to want to walk in the rain.  They take baths every night, run willy-nilly in and out of every sprinkler they find.  But when water falls from the sky, it's like it turns to acid.  So the three of us scrunched under the umbrella, with an enormous bag of books and shuffled inside.

Storytime was more quiet than usual.  You see?  Rain acts as a powerful deterrent in Colorado.  It was good though, there were fewer people to see my children and their lack of manners.  It must be their up bringing.  Benny apparently had an itchy hiney and would not stop scratching.  Sitting in the back of the room you start to think.  Okay, that's the last scratch.  Okay, that's gotta be it.  Is he going to stop?  Should I get up and tell him something?  Or will that just draw attention to it?

Meanwhile, Olivia, who I'm trying to get to stop sucking her thumb, has started picking her nose instead.  I caught her eye and slowly shook my head at her from across the room.  She knew exactly what I was talking about.  She started shaking her head back and me.  I frowned at her and she finally yelled indignantly across the room, "I got booger!"

This is when Benny abandoned the one handed scratch and grabbed his rear with both hands.  I heard one of the moms next to me titter into her hand.  That's right lady, laugh it up.

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