Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just a day in the life

Benny's agenda for the day:

6:00am - pee, unroll the entire roll of toilet paper and tie in knots.

6:15am - climb the kitchen cabinets and have 2 lbs of animal crackers for breakfast, feed some to Olivia

9:00am - color on the kitchen floor

9:30am - decorate lamp with sharpie

10:00am - undress myself in the car on the way to the store.

10:45am - undress myself in the car from the store to home.

11:00am - go to the park with Olivia, scream at Mom to push me higher while she's on the phone

2:00pm - play quietly while Mom takes a short nap, Mom wakes up amazed

3:00pm - poke Olivia in the car on the way to get Joe from school, make her scream

3:40pm - make repetitive, nonsense noises in the car on the way home from picking Joe up from    
               school, make Joe scream

5:30pm - refuse to eat the dinner Mom made

7:00pm - love and hug on my great-grandmother

8:00pm - cry and scream while having my teeth brushed

8:15pm - hide Mom's crochet needle while she brushes Joe's teeth

Fall asleep.  Plans to do it all again tomorrow.

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