Tuesday, October 2, 2012

... and then they almost burned down the house

WARNING:  This is a pity-post.  I try to avoid them, mostly because I don't usually need to write them, but on Sunday/Monday my kids were at their worst.

Sundays are crazy busy.  Really I would like nothing more than to take a day of rest once a week, I suppose my hour and 15 minutes of peace and quiet at mass is my rest.  But it's a full day with 8 hours at work and mass, plus travel time I'm usually gone from the house for 10 hours or so.  All I want to do at the end of the day is get home, and Ryan is usually ready for a break from the kids.

So image my surprise when I find Ryan was at the same evening mass as I was, and he's waiting for me as I walk out the doors, all kids in tow and instead of hello he says, "the kids almost burned down the house last night."  I can see my quiet, relaxing evening taking wing and flying away.

Apparently, Benny and Joe had taken their small lamp that sits on their dresser as a nightlight and Benny had cut the shade to shreds.  Then they knocked it off the dresser and left the bare bulb, lit, on the carpet all night.  What Ryan had found after I had left for work that morning was a piece of carpet melted to the bulb and a three inch hole in the carpet.

This all happens after they've been put to bed and are supposed to be sleeping.

Really, I should be more grateful.  This was probably the best outcome of the incident, the worst being the entire family burnt to a crisp in their beds.

So that is what was waiting for me when I walked in the door. That and Joe's undone homework, which required pictures being printed.  Which required going back to Target at 7:30 on a Sunday evening (thank you Ryan for making the trip, I just didn't have it in me at that point).

Now, what happened on Monday wasn't really a huge deal.  But you know how little things seem so much worse when you pile them together on top of an already crummy day?  Yeah, that was Monday.

Joe has a dentist appointment at 8am.  This involves getting all three kids up and feed and dressed and in the car for 7:20, because believe it or not, I live 40 minutes from our pediatric dentist office.  Good grief.  The prep for this endeavor began at 9pm the night before when I started breakfast so it would be ready to go early.  (Now for those of you that do this daily, I apologize for whining.  I know some people do this everyday, with more than three kids.)

To mine and everyone else's amazement, I made it, on time, in the rain, with my sanity in tack.  And as the receptionist is checking Joe in, about the time I'm thinking, this is taking a long time, she announces that I have the wrong day.  His appointment is for Thursday.


Oh, and after that, I got to call our landlord and tell him there was a three inch burn hole in his carpet.  That was a fun conversation.


  1. OH Janna, I am SO sorry!! That is a rough couple of days!! Especially all the work to show up on the wrong day. (I've shown up at the wrong time and my dentist didn't even mention totally took me back and did it just like I was right on time. Didn't realize it until I got home and looked at the calendar that night. I've also gone to the DMV (with baby in tow) and waited an hour to renew my drivers license when I was one year too early) Those days are terrible. But like you said, thank gooness you didn't burn to a crisp with your house. So glad you get to have many more crazy adventures with your beautiful children who'll die of embarrasment or of laughing at all their escapades when they're all grown-up!! (at least that's what we hope for, right?) :)

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Everybody has bad days, right? Your DMV story made me laugh. That's one of my least favorite places. To add to the fun of this week, Joe called 911 from school. What curious little boys won't do.